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The MARINA Stores is the largest stores in Greece, Cyprus and Balkans with 23 stores in total. Each store can fully cover a vessel's equipment , offering Marine Equipment a complete product range of over 13.000 marine products!


March - July 2016 Planaco YachtYard- www.planaco.gr
Personal trainer for staff, for boat equipment


2014 – 2015 NAUTILUS Ltd - www.nautilus.gr
Wholesale & retail seller

2013 – 2014 LALIZAS marine equipment - www.lalizas.com
Wholesale salesperson

2011 – 2013 Marina Stores - www.marinastores.gr
MARINAstores Manager , staff training - shop fitting
5 branches Greece
1 Cyprus
12 Croatia

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PLANACO yacht yard premises are fully controlled and organized, strictly complying with all specifications and standards for correct operation and safety, while all machinery are certified by LLOYD’S REGISTER .
Here are the main features of our yard:

Work spaces – machinery

-A totally organized space of 32.000 sq.m
-Yard ground paved in solid concrete cement
-Fully covered interior space of 1.000 sq.m for special condition works
-Dye/paint workshop - in closed & controlled environment
-Woodwork with up-to-date machinery 
-Engineering workshop
-Two piers with two lifting/launching systems
-Power Trailer for motor boats, sailing yachts and Catamarans up to 60 tons
-Synchro Lift and transporter for vessels up to 200 tons
-Drainage system and collection of waters by oil-traps

 PLANACO yacht yard 

LALIZAS vision is to produce high quality products at competitive prices and distribute them in international markets through its well‐established distribution network. This vision, along with the care for the customers and the indispensable input of the employees, have resulted to the company's growth and will continue to contribute positively in the continuous development of LALIZAS.

 MARINA Stores  

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