freediving & constructions 

HST carbon fins 1.4


HST carbon fins 1.7

HST carbon fins 2.0

Technical characteristics


  • 2 x carbon 285

  • 1 x carbon 200 Twill 2x2

  • 1 x carbon 245

  • 1 x support carbon 420

  • Overall length 77,5 cm

  • Blade angle 19o.

  • Blade weight 185 gr.

  • Intensity 1.400 gr.

  HST Escape 1.4 
 HST Emotion 1.7 

HST is a Company that manufactures specially (only) fins for free diving.  The raw material used is developed carbonized fiber. It is the first company in Greece that applies for the manufacture of the blades the HPTS (Method of high pressure and Temperature System).   With the HPTS method, the layers of the carbonized fiber are impregnated evenly without retaining in the capillary of the carbon unnecessary resin resulting to resistant and explosive blades. With the HPTS method the phenomenon of osmosis rupture, are minimized in laboratory standards. The different hardness of the blades is formed exclusively by adding/removing carbon fibers with different knitting.  Each pair of HST blades is manufactured only upon request.

The Emotion 1.7 blades are constructed using the HPTS method, the method applied by HST when manufacturing this blade offers complete soaking of all the carbon fiber layers used for their construction. The Emotion 1.7 blades consisting of 6 layers of carbon fiber and the combination of the four different (grades) qualities that are used offer a  firm steady light blade,  with an explosive restoration.

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The construction of this blade has gone through many stages of testing in order to reach the final result. This new HST model completes the first stage of blades that are aiming at scuba divers who wish to apply slow and relaxing movement. The 1.4 is suggested for persons that their body weight varies from 65 up to 80 kilos.The surfacing is very relaxing making the minimum effort and gaining the maximum efficiency.

This particular pair of blades of carbon fiber possesses innovative construction materials and such a combination of carbon fabric that offers an explosive return. The Enigma blades  are manufactures with the HTPS method as all other models.  With this method, the blades become more resistant thrusting . The Enigma blades are made from four layers of carbon fabric and two aids reaching up to 45 points.

The series of HST blades is completed with the hardest blade of all which is 2.0. It is ideal for the free diver whose weight varies from 90 up to 100 kilos.  The bending point of the blade remains at the middle of its total length with the stratification of the materials being progressively smooth offering a certain rigidity at the beginning of the blade, while when reaching the edge, the stratification is reduced.

Participation in the exhibition Boat & Fishing Show 2015 - 16